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From CAMP's Facebook

on Sat, 03/10/2018 - 11:24am

Greetings Cherokee Street Lovers! This year we teamed with STL-Style House to create an awesome t-shirt for the People's Joy Parade. In past years we have enjoyed generous contributions from Regional Arts Commission, our Joyrita Margarita contest and tasting, and numerous individual contributions. In the interests of keeping the spirit of the parade fresh we are doing a different fundraiser. We need you to buy a shirt to support the parade this year. These contributions in the form of t-shirt purchases keep our parade independent and people powered. Not only does this support the Community, Arts, and Media Project's (C.A.M.P.) sponsorship to make the parade possible but all the great artists and educators that lend their talent and time to make the parade special. Think of the shirts as your ticket to the parade and a great way to show your support of our magical event year round.

We are very grateful to Cherokee street businesses, Community Arts and Movement Project, Regional Arts Commission, Cinco de Mayo and the many individual artists, schools, families and neighbors who do so much to make this Art event unique and special. Thank You!